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1920's Inspired Creative Shoot | Indiana Photographer

I am in love with EVERY SINGLE IMAGE from this shoot!!!! This 1920's inspired shoot has been in the works since mid-February. I attended a photography conference and print competition (more about that in another post), and became inspired and motivated to start shooting more creatively for myself. I hope to be able to do several creative personal projects each year from here on out :)

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do at first, I just knew I wanted to do something mostly in studio so that I could play around with different lighting patterns and modifiers. The 1920 theme came to me through a photography facebook group that I am apart of and it all fell into place after that. I contacted my awesome hair stylist about teaming up with me on this project and was so glad she agreed! I think you will see that she knocked the hair and makeup OUT OF THE PARK! Thank you Hunter Miller (you can reach her at Fluid Salon). I then ordered the outfit and accessories online, and was so happy w…

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